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Hove Alexander Technique a video presentation – What? Who? Why? How?

The Alexander Technique – a New Orientation

What is the Alexander Technique? Who was Mr. Alexander? Why do people practice the Alexander Technique? How does it work?

I really like this Alexander Technique YouTube video presentation. It is informative, clear, aesthetically pleasing and addresses all the above questions. I wish I had made it myself… I will credit the creator of the video as soon as I can find out who it is!

In 2 minutes and 39 seconds it takes us through an astounding amount of information. You may have to use the pause button to fully absorb all the information. Here it is in summary :

  • F.M. Alexander – his journey
  • The Technique Travels – Alexander comes to London and…
  • What the Alexander Technique is not
  • What the Alexander Technique is
  • Visiting Our Posture – Back & Down… Forward & Up
  • An Alexander Journey – Not all about posture
  • The Force of Habit
  • Faulty Sensory Awareness
  • Inhibition and Non-Doing
  • Sending Directions
  • Primary Control – Checking the Compass
  • The Technique In Practice – Applying the technique in our lives
  • Everyday Activity
  • Performance and Public Speaking
  • Sports and Exercise
  • The Workplace
  • An Alexander Technique Lesson
  • NHS Medical Research – the BMJ back pain trial details

Alexander Technique Hove a video presentation – What? Who? Why? How?

Alexander Technique Brighton Hove – BMJ back pain video

The BMJ Back Pain Trial video

British Medical Journal trial- Alexander technique relieves low back pain…

Trial participants were taught the Alexander Technique to improve muscle tone, coordination, balance and movement skills. Participants were helped to recognise and avoid habits that caused or aggravated their pain.


All Alexander Technique lessons were provided on a one-to-one basis. Teachers used both hands-on teaching and adequate verbal explanation.

All the Alexander Technique teachers had been teaching for at least three years and were members of STAT, the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

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