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online vocal & presentation coaching with Alexander Technique via Skype


Alan Mars offers vocal coaching – face to face via Skype

Alan Mars, voice coach & Alexander Technique teacher, is now offering online voice coaching via Skype:

Spoken voice coaching:

Has your voice, and confidence, ever faltered during a presentation, a meeting, an audition or a musical solo? Develop a reliably confident voice through the Alexander Technique, vocal coaching and specially adapted performing-arts techniques. Experience increasing poise – read more here …

Singing voice coaching:

I can help you to free your singing voice – to sing with greater ease, clarity, resonance and power. I can help you reduce performance nerves and to – read more here …

If you have a Skype account and a webcam we can get to work in the comfort of your own home or office. Payment is via PayPal. Pricing details for 30 minute, 45 minute or one-hour sessions are at the foot of the page.

What will you need to get started?

If you are based near Brighton and Hove and would prefer to meet person to person to have lessons please email me on alan.mars@yahoo.co.uk or call 07930 323 057 to arrange an appointment

Who is Alan Mars?

Alan Mars has taught voice-work, singing Alexander Technique privately and at many top London drama and music schools including – The Arts Educational Drama School, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the Royal College of Music, since 1982.

He has taught presentation skills within many top British and international companies including – Abbey National, General Electric, Sainsbury’s, Lloyds of London and many others since 1992.

Alan offers individual lessons, group classes and in-house coaching. He is a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

Terms and conditions

  • Payments must be received via PayPal at least 24 hours before the lesson
  • If payment is not received the lesson will be cancelled automatically
  • No refunds will be given if you fail to log in for your lesson
  • Alan will not be held responsible for any connection or technical difficulties during the lesson
  • If you are late to log in for your session the lesson will still finish at the agreed time – extra time will not be added.

Alan Mars – online vocal coaching with Alexander Technique via Skype

Hove Alexander Technique a video presentation – What? Who? Why? How?

The Alexander Technique – a New Orientation

What is the Alexander Technique? Who was Mr. Alexander? Why do people practice the Alexander Technique? How does it work?

I really like this Alexander Technique YouTube video presentation. It is informative, clear, aesthetically pleasing and addresses all the above questions. I wish I had made it myself… I will credit the creator of the video as soon as I can find out who it is!

In 2 minutes and 39 seconds it takes us through an astounding amount of information. You may have to use the pause button to fully absorb all the information. Here it is in summary :

  • F.M. Alexander – his journey
  • The Technique Travels – Alexander comes to London and…
  • What the Alexander Technique is not
  • What the Alexander Technique is
  • Visiting Our Posture – Back & Down… Forward & Up
  • An Alexander Journey – Not all about posture
  • The Force of Habit
  • Faulty Sensory Awareness
  • Inhibition and Non-Doing
  • Sending Directions
  • Primary Control – Checking the Compass
  • The Technique In Practice – Applying the technique in our lives
  • Everyday Activity
  • Performance and Public Speaking
  • Sports and Exercise
  • The Workplace
  • An Alexander Technique Lesson
  • NHS Medical Research – the BMJ back pain trial details

Alexander Technique Hove a video presentation – What? Who? Why? How?