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The diaphragm- Youtube clip for singers, speakers, actors

The diaphragm- a Youtube video clip

Most singers, actors and public speakers talk about the importance of the diaphram in healthy, effective voice production. In my experience however, 99% of the same singers, actors and speakers have an extremely inaccurate idea of the anatomical location and dimensions of the diaphragm. Getting an accurate external representation of the diaphragm can be of enormous benefit to the singer, speaker and actor. Internalising this accurate representation of the diaphragm will affect the power, range and colour of their voice.

So here is a short YouTube clip that many of my students have found particularly helpful. It’s and animated view of the diaphragm at work from above, below and the side. Watch several times and… as you do… you can realise that this is really what is going on inside… of you! Happy singing and speaking.

The diaphragm- a Youtube video clip for singers, speakers, actors & people who breathe!

Alexander Technique Brighton Hove – BMJ back pain video

The BMJ Back Pain Trial video

British Medical Journal trial- Alexander technique relieves low back pain…

Trial participants were taught the Alexander Technique to improve muscle tone, coordination, balance and movement skills. Participants were helped to recognise and avoid habits that caused or aggravated their pain.


All Alexander Technique lessons were provided on a one-to-one basis. Teachers used both hands-on teaching and adequate verbal explanation.

All the Alexander Technique teachers had been teaching for at least three years and were members of STAT, the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

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